About Me


Hello! My name is Sarah Victoria Chamorro, and I am the founder and creative force behind Bayou Brass. I live in New Orleans, L.A. with my best friend and my sassy St.Bernard-Boxer Mix, Tor. 






I'm first generation Honduran-American whose parents immigrated to New Orleans in the 80's. Before Hurricane Katrina my dad would spend hours in the backyard cutting wood and constructing things. He was a carpenter and as a little girl seeing him making these beautiful things from scratch with his bare hands always fascinated me. I loved to get my hands dirty helping him create things and to this day I still do. 






 I founded Bayou Brass in March of 2015. It started with beading, then wire wrapping, and now Metalsmithing. I'm 100% self-taught and still learning. I'm whole-heartedly in love with what I do, working with my hands creatively and expressing my self through art and metals.






 When you buy Bayou Brass, you’re buying handmade jewelry forged in a small home studio here in New Orleans. All stones and metals are ethically sourced and bought from small and local businesses.

 Each of my pieces are made with intention and to be cherished for lifetimes beyond your own. My heart is set on my pieces being worn in the truest expression of one’s self, with intention and care.





When you buy handmade not only are you supporting a small business, an economy, and a family, but you're also buying a one of a kind piece of art that is as resilient and beautiful as the city it was made in. ⚜