Copper Malachite Oyster Ring
Copper Malachite Oyster Ring

Copper Malachite Oyster Ring

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Handmade Copper Malachite Ring

Malachite can be found in Africa, Australia, Britain, France, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, and USA.

From sizes 6-8

Mohs Hardness Scale: 3.5-4

In its natural state it's a very fragile and soft mineral. When it is polished for jewelry and decor it's fortified with resin to protect against scuffs and scratches but in comparison to other stones, it is still prone to scuffs and scratches. Be very gentle with it in all its forms.

Properties: In crystal healing, malachite is valued as a powerful personal protector; it is a warrior stone, able to enhance passion for life and the energy to be true to one's life purpose.

Malachite increases personal power and self-confidence while enabling you to follow the true feelings of your heart.

Acts as a shield against electromagnetic disturbances.

Tidbit History: The availability of massive forms of malachite has led to its large-scale use in impressive buildings, such as the Hermitage Palace, now a museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. There, the Malachite Room was given its name because of the stone features in the floors and pillars, and it includes a large, solid malachite vase.