Labradorite The Undefeated
Labradorite The Undefeated

Labradorite The Undefeated

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Faceted Labradorite Brass Adjustable Ring

From sizes 5-8 U.S

Origins: Canada, Finland, Mexico, USA, Norway


Properties: Labradorite is considered a powerful stone of magic and transformation, awakening supersensory abilities and the awareness of other states of energy.

History: The name labradorite refers to the region of Labrador in Canada, where the stone was first found in the 18th century. in the 19th century, discoveries of deposits in Russia increased its popularity in jewelry.

Labradorite (Along with Rainbow Moonstone) belongs to a group of minerals called feldspars that are commonly found in the earth's crust. It has a dull, blue-green appearance, but when it is turned to the light, particularly if the surface is polished, a deep blue sheen peers, a shimmering light effect called labradoresence.